Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Captain Chiroptera!

Here's a goofy little something I whipped up for the AAU Comic Book Club's latest weekly challenge. We were supposed to design a superhero character based on randomly selected powers, and I ended up with "extraordinary hearing"and "sonic blasts". Enter Captain Chiroptera, the Bat Who Walks Like a Man!

Here's a closeup of the Captain, with his sidekick Sanguina to scale.

Since our hero is a bat who was bitten by a radioactive vampire, giving him the size and strength of a full-grown human - plus nifty attributes like day vision and opposable thumbs - it stands to reason that the vampire who bit him would be shrunk down to bat size, becoming an adorable pixie princess. I mean, that's what happened in The Fly, right?

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Sketching in Meetings

Lots of meetings and orientation events over the last couple of weeks, and many doodles resulted. First, a few from the pre-semester life drawing workshop; that's Katie Longua in the witch outfit, and Sarafina in the cowgirl togs.

And here are a few of the notes I was taking during those lofty and intellectually demanding faculty meetings and training sessions.