Sunday, January 25, 2015

San Francisco Zoo 01/21/2015

Back to the San Francisco Zoo for the first sketching field trip of the new year. Some familiar faces, and a couple new ones...

 There's a new female red panda, and apparently she's roaming around in the mornings sniffing everything, so I think this is her.

Next stop, the insect zoo. This Madagascar hissing cockroach was clinging to the glass so I could get a good look at his cool little sticky foot pads.

Two views of the handsome wolf spider. I accidentally stuck my thumb in my paint palette, so I had a lot of orange to get rid of.

Brian Wilson the hippo in magnificent repose. He looks very comfortable in the midday sun.

At last, I got to spend some more quality time with my beloved two-toed sloth.

And finally, Kona the sheep, posing regally in the farmyard.

Friday, January 16, 2015

Drawing Terada Drawing

A few observational doodles from the Katsuya Terada live drawing demo at the Cartoon Art Museum on December 6, 2014...

Early in the demo, the room was still only moderately crowded.

Terada's drawing poses are pretty physical, especially when he's working towards the bottom of the canvas.

About three hours later, it was standing room only.

And here's the obligatory warmup bus-drawing en route to the event.