Sunday, April 21, 2013

Villains Untied!

The Academy of Art's Comic Book Club just hosted its traditional end-of-semester costumed figure workshop, and the theme this time was Supervillains!

The hyperflexible Ashton as Mystique. The little skull decorations just kill me - I'd forgotten that was part of her costume.

A couple more of Ashton, plus Whitney as Harley Quinn.

I haven't been keeping track of Harley Quinn's ever-evolving games and comics designs, but I think this would be a slightly more demure version of her "New 52" look.

And here's Lanie as Elektra. I was impressed by her sai-handling technique!

More Lanie, and Frank taking a break from his photo-documenting duties to play Punisher. That last shot of Elektra had a cool aura drawn with yellow highlighter, which completely failed to register in the scan.

And finally, Comic Book Club captain Matt Harding as the despicable Red Skull.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Costume Carnival 04/2013

This past weekend brought us the twice-annual Costume Carnival at the Academy of Art. The theme this time was "Paris in the Spring," which covered basically anything French, from mimes to the Moulin Rouge to Joan of Arc. Here are some sketches from the day-long drawing workshop.

First, Richard Aspen and Marianne Faulkner as mimes, with an exceptionally cooperative cockatoo.

Colin K in Napoleonic attire, and Marianne Faulkner in a cool hat.

Kat Meler as Joan of Arc, Colin K as a brooding emperor, and a bit of classy boudoir style.

Sarafina, the Illustration department's fabulous model coordinator, took a turn in the spotlight.

Eden Omari, swashbuckler.

Once more with the Maid of Orleans...

And "au revoir" with a very special promotional message from the Green Fairy!