Thursday, February 4, 2016

Fantastic Figure Follies

Just started the spring semester at the Academy of Art, and I have a pretty full teaching schedule this time around. Fortunately, the lineup includes the Fantastic Figure drawing class I taught last fall, which was a complete blast. While I'm thinking of it, here are some of my favorite in-class demo drawings from the fall semester.

After years of illustration training, it's oddly thrilling to break the taboo and deliberately draw a head in flat profile view.

Spooky Halloween horror day. We turned down the lights and told each other scary stories. :-)

We had a great time drawing human-animal hybrids, and I did some infodump lectures on the general principles of critter anatomy.

There was a Krampus day, naturally!

The incomparable Sarah Barrie Fenton took over my class for the afternoon to show us how they rock it over in the animation department.


And on the last day, we had imaginary monkeys. It's my class so we can do things like that. :-)