Saturday, November 7, 2015

SF Zoo: Fall Favorites

It's been ages since I've posted a roundup of San Francisco Zoo sketches, and it looks like I've accumulated quite a backlog. So with no further ado, here are some highlights from the last couple of months...

Big cats ahoy! Here are an Amur tiger shredding a tasty cardboard box, and a snoozing snow leopard.


A couple of my favorite critters: The elderly Uulu and her colorful past, and puppyish young Boone being introduced to his prototype snack-ball.

I'm also gradually adding to my graphic record of the zoo's recently installed sculpture garden. Above, a rough scale lineup of the (mostly) life-size sculptures.

And finally, a record of the Halloween-themed "Spooky Specimens" guided tour, part of the annual "Boo at the Zoo" festivities. Collect all seven lemurs!