Monday, January 14, 2013

Dangerbirds Are Go!

I've just been watching a bunch of episodes of the late Gerry Anderson's awesome sci-fi puppet adventure series Thunderbirds, and found myself wondering what would happen if you hybridized it with Gundam-style giant robots to create a team of international rescue super-robots. Here's a first installment...

Dangerbird-2 is for airlift and evacuation. It can hover in place under any conditions, and its legs house giant manipulator claws for hoisting cargo. This is the one you'd call for sea rescues in Deadliest Catch.

Dangerbird-3 is designed to deal with fires, radiation emergencies, biohazards, nuclear meltdowns, and so forth. Its fireproof outer armor is filled with cooling systems, and can be jettisoned and destroyed to prevent contamination.

Dangerbird-5 is for excavation, clearing debris, and destroying obstacles. Its tracked lower base can be configured with a variety of heavy equipment.