Friday, August 29, 2014

SF Zine Fest Prep

This weekend I'll be exhibiting at SF Zine Fest in Golden Gate Park, sharing table number 74 with Brian Kolm of Atomic Bear Press. Here are some boxes of loot that showed up just in time...

Hot off the presses: One new book, and one restock.

Here's "Good Morning Anteater," a collection of my San Francisco Zoo sketchbook drawings.

And a restock of "Little Monsters," which collects a bunch of 24 Hour Comics and whatnot.

And of course, some minicomics. I printed up a fresh batch of copies of "Alive, Alive, Alive!" and a new collection of my "Death and Burial of Cock Robin" drawings.

Also newly arrived: A few contributors' copies of the historical adventure books I've been doing for Capstone. I won't be selling these, but I'll bring a couple if you wanna see. Covers are by Dante Ginevra.

Interior art for "Nicolas Flux: Peril in Pompeii!" Lots of street scenes in this one.

Interior art for "Nicolas Flux: Flight to Freedom!" Naturally, I picked a page with a goat on it to show you.

SF Zine Fest is happening this weekend (August 30-31) at the County Fair Building in Golden Gate Park, at 9th Ave and Lincoln Way. Free admission, y'all!