Tuesday, September 2, 2014

San Francisco Zoo 08/06/2014

Another batch from the monthly San Francisco Zoo free day. This time, I got to mob up with a bunch of other artists. Super fun!

While we were gathering at the cafe, I went over to sketch the flamingos and discovered there were a bunch of baby ducklings too.

I'm still trying to capture the fast-moving grizzly bears. Their 11:30 breakfast rampage served as a good backup meeting point.

Green-winged macaws and the obligatory peccary check-in.

Everyone enjoyed drawing the majestic and highly sketchable Gauhati. Wish I'd left room for his feet!

Today's Animal Resource Center show and tell: Tortoises, tortoises, tortoises! And a turtle and a little snake.

Ring-tailed lemurs, naturally.

We wrapped up at the giraffe barn for the traditional 4:30 feeding.

And finally, post-zoo snacks at the Bashful Bull Too. To illustrate some obscure artistic point I was obliged to draw Sasha Roukina's milkshake.

For more zoo sketching fun, be sure to check out Gary Amaro's recent post on the Urban Sketchers website!

Friday, August 29, 2014

SF Zine Fest Prep

This weekend I'll be exhibiting at SF Zine Fest in Golden Gate Park, sharing table number 74 with Brian Kolm of Atomic Bear Press. Here are some boxes of loot that showed up just in time...

Hot off the presses: One new book, and one restock.

Here's "Good Morning Anteater," a collection of my San Francisco Zoo sketchbook drawings.

And a restock of "Little Monsters," which collects a bunch of 24 Hour Comics and whatnot.

And of course, some minicomics. I printed up a fresh batch of copies of "Alive, Alive, Alive!" and a new collection of my "Death and Burial of Cock Robin" drawings.

Also newly arrived: A few contributors' copies of the historical adventure books I've been doing for Capstone. I won't be selling these, but I'll bring a couple if you wanna see. Covers are by Dante Ginevra.

Interior art for "Nicolas Flux: Peril in Pompeii!" Lots of street scenes in this one.

Interior art for "Nicolas Flux: Flight to Freedom!" Naturally, I picked a page with a goat on it to show you.

SF Zine Fest is happening this weekend (August 30-31) at the County Fair Building in Golden Gate Park, at 9th Ave and Lincoln Way. Free admission, y'all!

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

San Francisco Zoo 07/18/2014

Another SF Zoo adventure as we meet the newly arrived wolverines! Plus birds and bears and a sleepy anteater.

A gaggle of local University of Michigan alumni were summoned to welcome their school mascots to their new home.

The wolverines in some typical action poses - scampering, digging, and wriggling in their ice pit.

Green-winged macaws and a curl-crested aracari (a particularly fabulous variety of toucan).

Good morning, anteater! How would you like to pose for a sketchbook cover?

Humans gathering for the 11:30 grizzly feeding.

Kachina and Kiona, the grizzly sisters.

It seems like the zoo has two of every rescue animal, so they can work rotating shifts on the Nature Trail. So this desert tortoise is Cactus, rather than Mohave.

San Francisco Zoo 07/09/2014

Back to the San Francisco Zoo as we take advantage of the monthly free day for SF residents. Of course, every day's a free day when you're a sloth...

It seems like there are lots of junior giraffes all of a sudden.

According to the docent, Ulu was born in the wild and still has a bit of a "gypsy spirit."

I didn't really do these guys justice. Go see them with your own eyeballs!

I could draw the sloth all day. Apparently he still doesn't have a name, but what's the rush?

I think I'm starting to get the hang of sketching those wiggly river otters.

More cuteness along the Nature Trail, where there were lots and lots of rescue animals awaiting close inspection.

It's always nice when I can catch the hippo in a sportive mood.

My wife was really impressed with the bongo, so I had to do a portrait for her.

That's all for today. Come back soon and hang out!

Friday, June 6, 2014


Just hitting British newsstands on May 28, the 2000 AD Sci-Fi Special features new tales of many old favorite 2000 AD characters, including an eight-page Robo-Hunter story with art by yours truly and script by the dashing Alec Worley. Enjoy!

Saturday, May 31, 2014

Touch-A-Truck Day 05/31/2014

It's Touch-A-Truck day again, huzzah! Here are some sketches of the petting zoo of exotic vehicles at the 41st annual Star of the Sea Festival, literally on my doorstep.

An ambulance, not to be confused with a waahmbulance.

Julie challenged me to draw the whole control assembly as well as the sewer inspection robot.

The back end of a garbage truck. Sorry I couldn't make this one scratch-and-sniff...

So many exciting things to draw that I attempted to get them all in a single shot.

By request, the Triple A tow truck.

Last one for the day is the street sweeper.

San Francisco Zoo 05/23/2014

Back to the San Francisco Zoo for the opening of the Washed Ashore exhibit, plus another new animal arrival!

Washed Ashore is a collection of ocean-themed acoustic sculptures made from washed-up debris. (See washedashore.org for more info.) A couple of musicians were on hand to demonstrate the fine art of banging on the sculptures.

Whale bones, tube worms, and musical starfish made from recycled beach debris. I've painstakingly documented the corresponding sounds.

Jellyfish, seaweed, and colorful fish that rattle like rainsticks when you spin them.

And now, random animals. Here's a fine cassowary.

I think the langurs are planning something.

Foraging with the mandrills.

Assorted giraffes and sleepy zebras.

A single corner of the Lion House now houses a toucan, an anaconda, and a highly adorable two-toed sloth. The sloth can climb up its tree and hang from the ceiling when it feels like people-watching.

Finishing up the day at the Animal Resource Center. Lots of snakes and reptiles today!