Friday, April 17, 2015

Info & Graphics

I've been playing around recently with infographic illustrations, but when you're pressed for time sometimes you end up with more info and less graphics, or vice versa.

These from a recent visit to the California Academy of Sciences are mostly pictures with minimal text. Next time I check out their awesome Whales exhibit, I definitely want to integrate more of the informational content.

The taxidermy collection at the Academy's Naturalist Center is really impressive. I didn't even get around to drawing the roadrunner.

Meanwhile, I did a stint as a graphic recorder for the City of San Mateo, documenting a discussion about the future of the local arts scene. Due to the amount of information I had to get down, the graphics here are pretty minimalist...

One extra perk of that event was that I got to meet daredevil "yarnbomber" Lorna Watt of Knits For Life. You should all be jealous!

Monday, April 13, 2015

SF Zoo Sketchnotes & More

And here's some recent infographic drawing from the San Francisco Zoo. First, sketchnotes based on two recent conservation lectures...


Whew! Meanwhile, I also took notes during one of the zoo's Wild Walk guided tours, with the intention of going back and integrating them into a big montage illustration afterwards. As it turned out, doing all that drawing took hours.

After all that infographic effort, it's a positive relief to just doodle a quick owl or a couple of chickens.