Sunday, April 7, 2013

Costume Carnival 04/2013

This past weekend brought us the twice-annual Costume Carnival at the Academy of Art. The theme this time was "Paris in the Spring," which covered basically anything French, from mimes to the Moulin Rouge to Joan of Arc. Here are some sketches from the day-long drawing workshop.

First, Richard Aspen and Marianne Faulkner as mimes, with an exceptionally cooperative cockatoo.

Colin K in Napoleonic attire, and Marianne Faulkner in a cool hat.

Kat Meler as Joan of Arc, Colin K as a brooding emperor, and a bit of classy boudoir style.

Sarafina, the Illustration department's fabulous model coordinator, took a turn in the spotlight.

Eden Omari, swashbuckler.

Once more with the Maid of Orleans...

And "au revoir" with a very special promotional message from the Green Fairy!

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Kendall Robinson said...

Very nice! I especially love the storytelling in the soldiers posing, wish I could have been at the costume carnival, bet it was super busy as usual. :D