Sunday, April 21, 2013

Villains Untied!

The Academy of Art's Comic Book Club just hosted its traditional end-of-semester costumed figure workshop, and the theme this time was Supervillains!

The hyperflexible Ashton as Mystique. The little skull decorations just kill me - I'd forgotten that was part of her costume.

A couple more of Ashton, plus Whitney as Harley Quinn.

I haven't been keeping track of Harley Quinn's ever-evolving games and comics designs, but I think this would be a slightly more demure version of her "New 52" look.

And here's Lanie as Elektra. I was impressed by her sai-handling technique!

More Lanie, and Frank taking a break from his photo-documenting duties to play Punisher. That last shot of Elektra had a cool aura drawn with yellow highlighter, which completely failed to register in the scan.

And finally, Comic Book Club captain Matt Harding as the despicable Red Skull.

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