Friday, July 11, 2008

More Mars Attacks

Friends, Romans, and/or countrymen! Lend me your eyeballs!

I'm finally getting back to work on my King-Arthur-on-Mars comic, as seen in the previous six pages. I'm aiming to have the next five pages penciled and inked before the San Diego Comic-Con, but in the meantime, I'll put the thumbnails up here in case anyone has any suggestions or pointers. I'd welcome comments here or by e-mail... you can even scrawl them on the bathroom walls if you like, although it's unlikely I'll see them unless it happens to be my bathroom. Excelsior!

This one is supposed to face page six of the previous set. I've updated it with a new thumbnail that replaces the previous version.

...and these form a two-page spread.


Grebo said...

I like it!! The dialogue is peppy as all get-out (although I might change "train station" to "monorail station" or something -- something that clearly means train station but is a little less suburban) and the drawings kick butt. Merlin's nutty spyglass is a great touch.

I find myself wondering -- with such a huge cloud disturbance, wouldnt such an object falling to mars cause violent winds (if not nuclear winter)? The lack of some kind of aftershock event seems to kinda stand out to me.

Oh, I love to overlap of the sound effect over the ellipses word balloon too. Nice "continuity anchor" if you will.

Allen Song said...

Your stuff looks great as usual, sir. I can't wait to see it all in color. Fantastic work :)