Thursday, May 14, 2009

Begin Next Phase!

I'm done with classes, so it's next stop: graduation! I'll be spending the next few days prepping for the Academy's Spring Show, assembling my portfolio, finishing my web site revamp, et cetera. In the meantime, I've added a whole bunch of my fellow students (or former students) to the links list on the right - not that I'm stalking all you guys, you understand, I'm just trying to encourage my readers to stalk you. :-)

And finally, here's the finished version of the piece previewed below. For Frank's benefit, I'll note that this is supposed to be a magazine illustration, not an ad, so the logo on the bottle isn't really important. For Elisa, I took your advice and replaced the cookie-cutter Photoshop stars. It occurs to me that this image seems kind of apropos for my last-ever student project. Salut, cheers, so long, be seeing you!


mig. said...

this was such a fun piece to do and it definitely shows in your execution, mark. i too enjoyed seeing what you brought in each week... i wish you the best in the future & definitely keep in touch.

Jelter said...

congratulations on graduating, liked the bird one a lot!