Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Trucks Again!

Last year I had to skip it because it was on the same weekend as 24 Hour Comics Day, but fortunately this time I was able to check out the "Touch-a-Truck Day" and crafts festival hosted by the school across the road. (Literally across the road. Like, you step out the door and there's a fire engine and a sewer maintenance truck. Sweet!) No petting zoo this year, but we did get a cute robot.


Colin Smith said...

I absolutely love the energy of your sketches, Mark. They make me regret that I've not filled a sketch book of my own for far too many years to even remember. In particular, I loved that 3rd sketch. I don't think I'd ever have dared to try to capture that with photo-reference and - you can tell my era now - a light-box.

Jelter said...

Sweet sketches! I like drawings of cars and stuff.