Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Superhero Costume Carnival

Now this was a ton of fun! This Sunday, the Academy of Art hosted a Superhero Costume Carnival, masterminded by Matt Harding and the AAU Comic Book Club. Even with finals coming up, there were still about 25 students and teachers in attendance, and a great lineup of models. It seemed only appropriate to sketch these larger-than-life characters in color.

Sarafina as Catwoman. That alone would have justified the price of admission, if it wasn't already a free event.

Liz Ramsey as Poison Ivy. Next time we'll have to find a Harley Quinn for her to hang out with.

Whitney Mccabe as a very elegant Scarlet Witch.

Ashton Warren as an '80s-style punk rock Storm. She'll cut ya!

Plus Richard Jao as the indispensable Stunt Ninja. Alas, poor student models, they'll be feeling those pulled muscles the next day!

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