Thursday, November 1, 2012

Costume Carnival 10/2012

Some life drawings from the Academy of Art's traditional pre-Halloween Costume Carnival. This year's theme was "Barbarella and the Wild Things," with a soundtrack to match!

Let's start with my best drawing of Katie Longua.

Sarafina, the mistress of the revels and planner of the event, made a fabulous cave princess.

I didn't get around to finishing Ashton's arms - too busy drawing the crazy helmet.


Bob and his space hookah.

Liz and her awesome crazy wig.

Lunch break!

Tendai in jungle girl outfit.


If I'd known the angel would come out so well, I would have drawn him on a clean page.

A couple of reverso-combo pages...

And we'll finish up with one more of Sarafina. Thanks for another great Costume Carnival!

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