Friday, December 28, 2012

This Year's Cards

Here's this year's traditional holiday greeting from me and Julie, for those of you who aren't on our e-mail list. Yes, there is an explanation for the trans-polar crossover; the polar bear is delivering his own message to Santa, and made the mistake of following us.

I also did some custom cards for relatives. Here's one for my in-laws John and Chris...

...and a birthday card for my nephew, featuring the ever-popular bunny rabbits.

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ColinC said...

Hey Mark
It's so cool to see you're still doing stuff Gundam related. As a kid I had some animerca Magazines and the few I had though had your Gundam 20th article as well as the one covering macross and gundam as well as the Harlock saga. ( Which I actually got to watch a while later since my dad found the DVD)

As of Recent I have gotten into "Mobile Suit gundam" I am up to episode 34 and I love it. I also have been trying to get into Gunpla.

A while back around 09-10 Though Originally I had the Double disc zeta sets allot of our anime had to be pawned off too pay bills one month. Sadly I did not get to finish watching them when I had the Dvds.

Me and my dad have rebuilt our collection of films and Anime. We have Ultraman,Red Baron, and soon Iron king. Anime like Samurai Seven and such. We own allot of VHS tapes. "Slayers" "The Guyver" FOTNS" "Akira special edition" and some of "Robotech" and two volumes of "Armored trooper Votoms".

I oddly even though I got into anime illegitimately around 07 due to my dad telling me about it I grew (not really I was around 13-16) On 90's Anime. Or whatever was on Toonami.

Well enough about me I really hope your art career is good. Unlike Animerica. Otaku USA is pretty bad.

Some of their reviews for games don't even go into detail. It's Quantity over quality sometimes.

It'd be nice to see you write again about Gundam or some other show maybe votoms or SPT layzner.

I really don't know what to ask It'd be cool to get your autograph.
Just because your articles really effected my imagination. I always wanted to watch Gundam. Well now that I can as it is on Youtube for free. I really am happy to appreciate it finally.

-Colin Campbell

Oh and my favorite Charecter Is Ramba Ral. Though Choose a favorite is difficult.