Wednesday, July 30, 2014

San Francisco Zoo 07/09/2014

Back to the San Francisco Zoo as we take advantage of the monthly free day for SF residents. Of course, every day's a free day when you're a sloth...

It seems like there are lots of junior giraffes all of a sudden.

According to the docent, Ulu was born in the wild and still has a bit of a "gypsy spirit."

I didn't really do these guys justice. Go see them with your own eyeballs!

I could draw the sloth all day. Apparently he still doesn't have a name, but what's the rush?

I think I'm starting to get the hang of sketching those wiggly river otters.

More cuteness along the Nature Trail, where there were lots and lots of rescue animals awaiting close inspection.

It's always nice when I can catch the hippo in a sportive mood.

My wife was really impressed with the bongo, so I had to do a portrait for her.

That's all for today. Come back soon and hang out!

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