Monday, July 20, 2015

Hyde Street Pier 06/13/2015

This summer has been ghastly busy. It's been ages since I've had a chance to go sketching with my pals in the SF Sketchers meetup group, and ages more since I've had a chance to update this art blog! From happier times, here's a sketching trip to see the vintage ships at the Hyde Street Pier.

The entryway to the ferry ship Eureka serves as a nice "title page" for this roundup.

There's a menagerie of vintage cars aboard the Eureka, too. I ended up spending more time on these than on the actual boats, sigh.

A quick rendition of the grand Balclutha. Dig the three square-rigged masts!

Running late for the post-sketching meetup, I bashed out a hasty sketch of the tugboat Hercules.

And on the way home, I came across a Juneteenth festival in progress on Fillmore Street. Petting zoo ahoy!

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