Monday, October 24, 2016

The Witching Hour

One more for this batch: My haul from the Academy of Art's twice-annual Costume Carnival. This was the last one masterminded by the Illustration department's amazing model coordinator Sarafina, so it was kind of a special occasion.

An introductory warmup. These are all on 25x30 Post-It Note sheets, incidentally.

Bringing in some watercolor. The acrylic paint pens I was using for the background took some fussing to get everything nicely blended.

In hindsight, I need to pay more attention to arm proportions on these big drawings. Turns out it's hard to get everything sized properly when you can't see the whole figure at once!

And the end! A lot of the other artists at the event ended up as damned guest sinners in this one.

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