Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Blood Bite of the Death Dragon: Day 8

I think our hero is finally starting to suspect something.


Jelter said...

man, if i were him i would have probably started suspecting something when i was bit in the leg. guess he's less observant than me!

Tom Collins and Thirteen said...

So what did the dragon order up from the barrista?

Mark Simmons said...

Ben: Sadly, the one-panel sight gag format doesn't let me explore the psychological nuances of the characters. My working theory is that he just tried to ignore the initial bite in the name of being macho, but it's possible he thought that part was a dream sequence.

Thirteen: I think I modeled the coffee shack on a Peet's, but if it were a Starbucks, then it would have to be the Bold Pick of the Week. See, I'm telling you, there's something in the zeitgeist right now!