Friday, March 12, 2010

Critters Galore

Here are a couple of watercolor roughs I did as demos for an "Intro to Illustration" class I'm teaching. I did these step by step, with the students suggesting the colors for each element, and I think they came out quite nicely.

I probably had animals on the brain because I'd just been to the zoo a few days earlier. It's tough doing location sketching there, since the critters are always on the move. Maybe I should concentrate on sleepy koalas next time.

Of course, you can always draw people instead. Here's feeding time at the giraffe house, or at least as much as I could fit in alongside the turkeys and polar bears.


Ray Bonilla said...

Mark , these last couple of posts are fantastic! Keep posting so i can constantly be inspired !

theo said...

I will have to second that.

Jelter said...

the quick sketches of the animals are awesome, we should go sketch at the zoo sometime! also the koalas have.... TWO THUMBS!!! i knew i had to draw that last time i was there.

Mark Simmons said...

Okay, okay, I should do more color drawings. George is right, okay? I admit it!

demhar said...

Mark Mark Mark! How have you been?
Lovely animal sketches!
How is your wife doing? I hope everything is good with you guys :D