Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Knights 3

Still plugging away on these. First, sketches for Tiram, who's managed to lose those humongous force field widgets on his butt. Perhaps these could be optional add-ons.

With that taken care of, we can start playing with colors for these two.

So now the lineup is starting to look something like this. From here on, I think the main task is going to be making these guys look like they belong in the same story. That may come down to the balance of curvy and boxy shapes...


J said...

Very nice work. Gahad's looking rather Dom-like; very fitting for the character!

Mark Simmons said...

Thanks, mysterious stranger! Of all these, Gahad is the one who's currently looking most like a mobile suit - or possibly a Decepticon! - so I think he needs to get a bit more humanoid, and the others a little less. :-)