Sunday, January 2, 2011


Happy New Year, everybody! Just to get things started, let me plug a few recent works by people I know and/or owe favors to. :-)

First, Vera Greentea and Ben Jelter have published a single-issue, standalone version of their comic To Stop Dreaming of Goddesses. This was previously featured in the SIREN anthology, which is now sadly out of print.

Meanwhile, the first issue of the horror/suspense comic Echoes, from the awesome Rahsan Ekedal and the perfectly nice Joshua Hale Fialkov, shipped last week and immediately sold out. Find it, read it, and weep!

Finally, the second volume of Archaia's Fraggle Rock comic anthology kicks off next week January 19 with the release of Volume 2, Issue 1. There's a four-page story in there written by Jake Forbes and illustrated by yours truly, and you can see a preview at ToughPigs.

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