Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Little Red Space Suit

I'm teaching a Character Design class again, and we're just finishing up the traditional "Little Red Riding Hood" assignment. To me, the main point of this one is to arrive at a wide range of character types - young and old, male and female, nice and nasty - and so I give my students a lot of leeway in interpreting the story. Last time, I did a cute Halloween-themed lineup as a demo, so this time I thought I'd do something with a (slightly) more realistic aesthetic:

This, of course, would be a Little Red Space Suit version, in which our heroine is taking a payload of oxygen to Grandmother's asteroid only to find that she's been replaced by a shape-changing alien. "What a lot of eyes you have, Granny!" "All the better to see you with, my dear."

Here's the rough draft, before I cleaned it up, reshuffled the characters, and redesigned the Hunter character. In the real world, you could do all this with Photoshop, but we're keeping it old-school in the classroom.

A few alternative candidates for the shape-changing Space Wolf.

And here's me working out a new design for the Hunter, including a high-tech laser axe for slaying monsters.

Scotland Barnes, who's teaching another section of the same class, posted his own awesome development drawings over on his blog. Go admire!

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ScotlandBarnes said...

Cool Mark! Great idea with the laser-axe! I really like the "space-monster" wolf! Could easily see him as a plush doll.