Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Perspective Primer

I'm currently teaching a bunch of introductory comics classes, and I just discovered that I'm pretty bad at explaining perspective in lecture form - and downright terrible at drawing intelligible diagrams on the board while I'm at it. Comics to the rescue! Taking a cue from David Chelsea and Scott McCloud, I've put together this quick and simple Perspective Primer in an attempt to de-confuse my poor students.

Update: Here's a printable Acrobat PDF version.


Lisa Berrett said...

This is great, Mark!!

Dan Cooney said...

Great job Mark!

bolognafingers said...

Fantastic work Mark. Very clear explanations of what can be confusing material.

claire b cotts said...

this actually clarified some aspects of perspective that I had never quite understood.
Is it alright to use the PDF for teaching purposes?
You should really publish this, it's very helpful - much better than almost anything I've seen!
good job.

Mark Simmons said...

Thanks, all! And yes, Claire, by all means do. That's why I posted a PDF version. :-)

Rob Clay (Flailthroughs and Co.) said...

Said it on Twitter too, but I'm with Claire: there are a couple points here that I've been getting wrong for longer than I care to admit. Thanks, Mark!