Monday, June 17, 2013


So before it's too late, I should also mention that I'm involved in an ongoing Kickstarter funding drive! Mike Pondsmith and the nice people at R.Talsorian Games are raising funds for a new edition of the anime-inspired giant robot role-playing game Mekton, with the new edition bearing the moniker Mekton Zero. So here's the Mekton Zero Kickstarter page.

At the moment, they're well past their original funding goal, but if they can round up another $4,000 and change then they're going to print the rulebook in full color. Which would be nice for me, because I'm slated to do a bunch of the artwork, including the robot designs!

Speaking of which, this project's given me the opportunity to redesign the humongous Excalibur--one of the robots featured in the second edition of the rulebook way back in the 20th century, with an accompanying illustration by a young and foolish Mark Simmons. Now that I'm old and foolish, it's been a real kick giving this classic 'bot a full-color makeover. I prepared two versions of the Excalibur's color scheme, and the editors eventually went with the gold-based one suggested by my wife Julie. But for your amusement, here's the rejected alternate, in sinister purple hues.

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