Friday, June 21, 2013

Battle On, Mekton!

Couldn't resist whipping up a quick sketchy-painty illustration to celebrate the final 24 hours of the Mekton Zero kickstarter. At this point, full color is a go, and we're just waiting to see if the project's wonderful and generous backers can scrape together enough extra dosh to make it a hard-cover...

I asked Mike "Mister Mekton" Pondsmith if he had any suggestions for a scene, and he proposed a monster-versus-robot battle, possibly featuring a Gunfark (which is a giant two-headed lizard). The idea of stealing a march on Pacific Rim sounded great, but I thought I might try a different classic Mekton, the vaguely-described Uru Killer.

While I was waiting for anatomical guidance from Mike, I started sketching up a kind of polar bear/shark/gorilla monster. Then Mike wrote back to tell me the Uru Killer was "like a bear with a shark mouth," plus six legs and neck tentacles. Truly an eerie coincidence!

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