Friday, October 11, 2013

42 Hour Comic: Alive, Alive, Alive!

After missing a year in 2012, I tackled the annual 24 Hour Comic challenge again this year, working from a script by the ever-awesome Julie Davis. Once again, it turned into a more ambitious undertaking than the 24-hour time limit allowed, so I finished it up afterwards to create a 42 Hour Comic.

This one's titled Alive, Alive, Alive! and you can download a PDF version of it right over here.


Logan Garner said...

Love this comic! Great work. I'm actually providing a review for it on my blog in a "webcomic of the week" post. Feel free to peruse, but even if you don't, keep making awesome comics!


Mark Simmons said...

Thanks so much, Logan! We'll totally be looking forward to your review. :-)

Mark Simmons said...

And here's the review! Go read it at Nerd Out With Me. Thanks, Logan!