Sunday, September 29, 2013

Sunday at the Zoo

Assorted critters from today's expedition to the San Francisco Zoo...

The newly installed baby Komodo dragon, and a giant-sized butterfly from the wonderful Big Bugs exhibit.

The giant-sized scarab beetle was so awesome I had to add extra paper to the top and bottom of the page.

There's an anatomical cutaway of the stag beetle so you can see his weird guts.

The hercules beetle is also really cool, and surprisingly furry.

The usual favorites - anteaters, polar and grizzly bears, peccaries, and a dainty capybara.

The white rhino was an unusually obliging model today.

As per standard procedure, we ended the day in the giraffe house. The baby giraffe is so lively and cute!

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Trent Barnhart said...

Came across your sketches from the posting on the SF Zoo FB page. I love the sketches of the giant anteater. I worked with them for years at the Santa Barbara Zoo.