Monday, September 16, 2013

The Scottish Play

This weekend, wife Julie and I finally got around to checking out the San Francisco Shakespeare Festival's Free Shakespeare in the Park. This summer's production was the infamous Macbeth, which I documented with a few pages of sketchbook drawings. (The colors were added later.)

All dialogue transcription errors are, naturally, the fault of the artist rather than the performers!

The simple, somewhat German Expressionist stage was set up on the central lawn of the Presidio.

Emily Jordan completely rocked it as an ultra-dramatic Lady Macbeth. Michael Ray Wisely's Macbeth was a bit more understated and naturalistic.

A selection of the modern-day costumes. I liked the masked, hoodie-wearing Murtherers - a nice visual!

So sue me, I couldn't stop drawing Lady Macbeth's awesome gown.

Ryan Tasker gave us a heartrendingly bereaved Macduff. Some interesting choices with the assignment of the dialogue, too. Towards the end, the ghosts played the parts of the minor characters like doctors and retainers...

...which gave Lady Macbeth the opportunity to announce her own death. Then it's all over but the final duel!

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