Thursday, September 5, 2013

What I've Been Doing, Part 1

It's been a while since I posted stuff here, but I've been hard at work on all manner of secret projects that I can't show to people just yet. Just to tease and tantalize you, I'll share a couple of things that have actually been released by my clients...

First, I'm designing a whole bunch of robots and vehicles for the upcoming Mekton Zero roleplaying game. Game designer Mike Pondsmith has previewed some early concept sketches on the game's Kickstarter page, including some cute civilian robots and a "close combat type" with a giant transforming butterfly knife.

Mekton Zero and all artwork copyright R.Talsorian Games, naturally!


Bimbominkia said...

Can we expect the Vortex (only the mini was made), the Zakar, the Viper, the (I hope) more real Verkan Panther, the Scimitar, the Kargan "something's" eye (don't remember the name, was in the techbook)?

Mark Simmons said...

There may be a few familiar "faces", but aside from the Vector, Mauler, and Excalibur, a lot of it's going to be new stuff. Stay tuned!

Bimbominkia said...

I hope you enjoy it.

We arelooking forward for your art (and you impressive knowledge), Gandamu no Sensei.

Mark Simmons said...

Thank you! It looks like you guys are having no trouble spotting the obvious influences on my mecha designs. :-)

Bimbominkia said...

I follow you since Gundam Project and Ultimate Mark as any mecha otaku should. And of course your posts in Mecha Talk. Your Tianmen fleet position/composition was more than pleasurable.

Your Excalibur (I was so young when I bought my first Mekton II copy here in young...)was the basis for Mekton Force Zero (!), an Operation: Rimfire prequel I ran twice since 2003: a long, maybe too much complex tale about a renegade Murian knight, a secret Kargan humani/animal gene-splicing ESPer-producing facility, a Black Op Titans-like Elaran unit, a Synchroid ("cute-little-girl" amnesiac Boomer-like android who once was part of the Black Tower's mainframe) and a group of framed Roadcrash(a Motorball/IGPX-like sport with Roastriker) pilots.

In my campaign only twelve Metal Knights survived the Aggendi assault, each housed in a different temple-base on Muria (Durindal,
Nothung, Excalibur, Fragarach, Claíomh Solais, Guan Yu, Kusanagi,
Tyrfing, Vajra, Dyrnwyn, Shamshir-e Zomorrodnegar and Gae Bolga): each and every Murian knight had a nanotech cyber/soul-linking "tatoo" and each knight had two squires (of course only one could become the new knight...).