Saturday, November 23, 2013

Playing Around at the Zoo

Yet another excursion to the San Francisco Zoo! This time, I was invited to document the unveiling of the zoo's new Elinor Friend Playground. (Thanks to Abbie Tuller for the invite!)


Here's a roughly northward view, showing at least a bit of all three play areas.

The River Play Area is intended for toddlers. If this morning's testers were any indication, when you're in a river-themed area with otters and frogs and turtles, you're supposed to wriggle around on your tummy and pretend you're a fish.


Apparently there's a guy in the San Francisco rec and park department who has to officially try out every new playground slide before it can be opened for business. That must be an awful job.


The Polar Zone is intended for pre-schoolers, with lots of climbing and clambering opportunities. I gather the spring-mounted polar bear is extra bouncy.

And a parting look back at the Banyan Tree, which is meant for pre-teens and is really huge.

After the playground preview, I wandered around with zoo photographers extraordinare Marianne Hale and May Woon. This weekend, a lot of the animals were getting pumpkin-themed food treats. Enrichment!

This anteater is apparently in a special quarantine zone because he developed a bad habit of eating dirt. I know, right?


And of course, we all had to go look at the peccary pups some more!

And in closing, here's a rhino butt. You're very welcome.