Friday, November 7, 2014

Boo at the Zoo 10/25/2014

A few sketches from the annual Halloween festivities at the San Francisco Zoo. I was showing friends around, so the sketching is going to be a bit minimalist this time.

A lot of the animals received Halloween-themed enrichments. Here's Tenzing the red panda getting to grips with his pumpkin.

The Haunted Nature Trail was not to be missed, with costumed volunteers and spooky decorations aplenty! I also checked in on the status of the flamingo chicks.

The lemurs had an entire haunted house installation, with gravestones and bedsheet ghosts.

The langurs dig into their Halloween treat buckets.

Siamangs grooming each other as they laze in the sun.

A medley of two-toed sloth action from the adorable Moony and his toucan buddy.

A couple of lazy big cats - snow leopard and lions.

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