Friday, November 28, 2014

Cryptic Critters

Over the last few weeks, I've been working on a comic about a zoo for imaginary creatures. I actually started doing some daily illustrations for Inktober based on this concept, but lost my momentum partway through. Just to freshen up this blog a little bit, though, here are a couple of group shots showcasing some of the featured crytids and bestiary beasties...

These are all labeled, so they should be pretty easy to identify. They're not actually to scale, by the way.

This batch includes the wendigo, Flatwoods monster, dingonek, wolpertinger, Dover demon, hodak, jackalope, Montauk monster, unicorn, and hoopsnake.

And here's one of my Inktober illustrations showing the Montauk monster, feejee mermaid, and globster cavorting in the crypto-aquarium.

While we're talking about strange creatures, I'll also throw in a couple that I doodled while watching the Syfy Channel's excellent makeup FX contest Face Off...

So yes, those are kaiju-style giant squid, sloth, and mantis costumes. You're welcome.

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