Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Saturday Morning Mythology

Cartoon characters recreated in the March 2015 Costume Carnival, hosted by the Academy of Art's Illustration department. Thanks to model coordinator Sarafina and her amazing models for another wonderful drawing event!

The night before, I'd been to see "Mr. Burns, A Post-Electric Play," at SF's American Conservatory Theater. Looking at all these classic cartoon characters, I couldn't help wondering how they'd play out in a mythological context. Isn't the conflict between Bamm-Bamm and Sailor Moon a bit like the domestication of Enkidu?

And while I was thinking along those lines, this fabulous Misfit struck me as a kind of punk Gorgon. Incidentally, I'm pleased by how well those metallic Sharpie pens showed up in the scans.

As portrayed by Sarafina, Jem seems too stylish and sassy for a goody-two-shoes heroine. I think this is a better mythological role for hologram pop stars.

The Pink Ranger and Wonder Woman? Well, that's straightforward enough.

Our Yosemite Sam sported a ferocious fake unibrow which reminded me of a Chinese lion dancer. And then this happened.

Finally, I took a break from the high-concept character renditions to try and document the entire Costume Carnival in a single two-page montage. It was exactly like this, I tell you!

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