Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Touch-A-Truck Day 05/16/2014

Last weekend, I spent a few hours being enthralled by a menagerie of awesome huge vehicles. Then I went to see a Mad Max movie. But never mind that - here's a roundup of exotic vehicles from the Star of the Sea School's 42nd Spring Festival, conveniently located just outside my front door.

The giant vacuum truck is officially known as a Combination Flushing Unit. My wife spent a lot of time quizzing the crew about how it's operated and what qualifications you need. They said the thrill wears off after a couple of days, but she doesn't believe that.

The fire crew claim that Engine 31 isn't their prettiest one, but I think it's very nice. At some point I'll have to go check out its predecessors at the SFFD Fire Museum.

Since the PG&E bucket truck also has a winch, it's officially classified as a Material Handler.

It would be totally worth writing parking tickets all day long if I got to drive one of these groovy three-wheelers. Of course, I'd have to learn how to drive first.

After you take your turn running the street sweeper, the crew will draw your attention to how hard it is to see the bicycle. So watch out, kids!

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