Thursday, June 4, 2015

Oakland Zoo 05/23/2015

In which Julie and I return to OZ to celebrate some elephants! Volunteers were on hand to share their pachyderm knowledge, and remind us to support California's SB 716 (banning the use of bullhooks) and AB 96 (cracking down on the state's shameful ivory trade).

The utterly adorable white-handed gibbons. The blond one doesn't seem to be quite as extroverted, but they're both serious swingers.

More sun bear fun, plus a recognition guide and your daily reminder to seek out products that use sustainable palm oil.

My main goal for today was to learn how to tell the elephants apart. Here's Donna eating a yummy cardboard box, plus a basic recognition crib sheet.

We signed up for the once-a-year tour of the elephant barn, and saw Osh getting his daily pedicure and checkup. Tomorrow, he turns 21!

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