Thursday, October 8, 2009

24 Hour Comic: Commedia Part 4

Finally, here's the dramatic conclusion and epilogue. This part was easy and painless, and I had it all wrapped up by 11:30 AM. Success! Challenge accomplished!

Part 1 here, Part 2 here, Part 3 here.


Chad Weatherford said...

Man ,awesome! Did you just start throwing ink down on each page, or do some thumbnails first? Did you have the story ready beforehand?
I'm studying at AAU with Dan at the moment and he linked your site.

Mark Simmons said...

Hi, Chad!

I'd been thinking about the story for a couple of days beforehand, but I hadn't set anything down on paper. So right on the stroke of noon, the first thing I did was draw up a list of all 24 pages and what was going to happen on each.

As I did the actual pages, I started out with really rough pencils and then went to inks as quickly as possible. Effectively, I was inking right on top of the thumbnails. I should also note that these were relatively small pages - 7 x 11 inches, with a 6 x 9 image area - so I only had half as much surface area to cover. A highly recommended shortcut!

Frank said...

that was an awesome read, it's got a great pace.

lynnticular said...

So so awesome. The last panel made me laugh so hard! Your compositions are so amazing!