Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Weekly Workshop VII

We're reaching the end of the workshop season, so there'll only be a couple more of these posts. But if nothing else, they've certainly given me plenty of post-ready blog content!

This week's wrinkle is that all my beloved brush pens ran out of ink, so I was forced to bring in a gray brush pen as a backup. I think I actually like the gray ink better, so naturally I've gone and used that one up as well. C'est la art supplies. Let's see some five and ten minute sketches...

Now a couple of twenties. I tried softening my trusty Liquid Paper correction pen with some white pencil, and I think it's working pretty well.


Jelter said...

You're right, that gray one does look great.

Mark Simmons said...

Dang tootin'! Of course, the Kinokuniya stationery store is all out of gray ink cartridges, so it's back in black this week.