Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Once More Mu Gundam

And here's one last round of Mu Gundam stuff. First, let's fill in a couple more gaps in the good-guy chess ranks, with the robots corresponding to the king and pawn...

The Gardam, as its name implies, is a knockoff of the Ardam. Instead of having super-tough armor all over, it just carries a really awesome shield. And then there's the Kingdam, a monster giant that can take down any enemy, but is normally kept out of the battlefield because it contains the heroes' irreplaceable mandragora root.

In case you were wondering, this is how all these prehistoric giant robots are able to move around. Each one houses an alien plant stem which functions as the equivalent of a nervous system, interfacing between the human pilot and the robot's cogs and gears.

Meanwhile, I figured we needed some characters for this story. I didn't try to get too fancy with the names, and they're just one degree removed from the literary characters I templated them on. Since this is set on the lost continent of Lemuria, naturally there's a lemur mascot.

And here's the obligatory enemy ace, a human traitor who fights on the side of the titanic Atlanteans. Again, I'm not exactly trying to be subtle with the names!

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