Monday, February 18, 2013

Return of Mu Gundam

I had a lot of fun doing those fantasy-themed Mu Gundam designs, so let's bring on round two!

One thing that seemed a little "off" about the first round was that the bad guys had a strong theme, with the medieval stylings and chess-piece motif, but the heroic Gundams didn't. So instead, I've revived the classic trio of the Gundam, Guncannon, and Guntank, while eliminating the anachronistic "Gun" moniker...

Here, we've extended the chess motif to the good guys, via the original Indian version of the game (in which the rook was a chariot and the bishop was a war elephant). The Ardam is an armored knight; the Bowdam is a ballista-equipped chariot with rocket-punching fists; the elephantine Saydam has giant sabers for decapitating enemy robots. (Credit goes to my friend Mark Schumann for that last concept.)

Meanwhile, here are the Saydam's bad-guy counterparts, the White Bishop Gyan and Black Bishop Gyan. Enjoy!

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