Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The World of Mu Gundam

Edit: For the next installment in this series, see Return of Mu Gundam.

I had some free time today for personal projects, so here's a round of robot doodles inspired by a discussion topic on the Gundam Guy blog. The original question was, "What would you like to see in the next Gundam series?" Here's my idea for an imaginary Gundam story, which I'll call Mu Gundam.

The typical Gundam series takes place hundreds of years in the future, but Mu Gundam would be set ten thousand years in the past, making this a gonzo fantasy story with giant robots. It takes place on the lost continent of Lemuria, which is ruled over by a race of super-advanced Atlanteans who came down from the stars and live in a flying city. They maintain their dominion over our human ancestors with armies of giant robots.

 The Atlanteans, of course, look exactly like the bald albino Engineers in Prometheus. I feel like that movie didn't really milk the "ancient astronaut" gimmick as much as it could have, so let's give it another try! Since they're bald and vein-y, they wear pretty wigs to cover their ugly heads, so they're also a lot like the Therns from the Edgar Rice Burroughs Mars series, or the rubber-masked mutants in Beneath the Planet of the Apes.


 Naturally, the oppressors are resisted by a small team of heroic Gundams, which fight to liberate the lost continent from the tyranny of the wigged Atlanteans. It wouldn't be Gundam if there weren't any Gundams!

Here's a set of alternate color schemes. My wife favors the blue-and-gold scheme for the dragon type, but I'll let you be the judge...

And hey, while I have your attention, why don't I throw in a plug for the Ultrasylvania Vol.2 Kickstarter funding drive? If you like international steampunk intrigue involving famous horror-movie monsters, or you want to support a lovely bunch of up-and-coming comic artists, you have three more days to hop aboard. If they make their target on schedule, I'm reasonably sure I can persuade writer Brian Schirmer to put the Gill-Man in volume 3.

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