Tuesday, September 2, 2014

San Francisco Zoo 08/06/2014

Another batch from the monthly San Francisco Zoo free day. This time, I got to mob up with a bunch of other artists. Super fun!

While we were gathering at the cafe, I went over to sketch the flamingos and discovered there were a bunch of baby ducklings too.

I'm still trying to capture the fast-moving grizzly bears. Their 11:30 breakfast rampage served as a good backup meeting point.

Green-winged macaws and the obligatory peccary check-in.

Everyone enjoyed drawing the majestic and highly sketchable Gauhati. Wish I'd left room for his feet!

Today's Animal Resource Center show and tell: Tortoises, tortoises, tortoises! And a turtle and a little snake.

Ring-tailed lemurs, naturally.

We wrapped up at the giraffe barn for the traditional 4:30 feeding.

And finally, post-zoo snacks at the Bashful Bull Too. To illustrate some obscure artistic point I was obliged to draw Sasha Roukina's milkshake.

For more zoo sketching fun, be sure to check out Gary Amaro's recent post on the Urban Sketchers website!

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