Tuesday, September 23, 2014

San Francisco Zoo 09/03/2014

Back to the San Francisco Zoo for the second annual monthly free-day sketchcrawl with a passel of other artists. This time, we seek the wild flamingo chick and baby giraffe!

My wife keeps wondering why I don't draw the petting zoo goats. So Julie, this goat's for you! I believe this one's named Nutmeg.

A newborn flamingo chick, the first of what's now a whole flock of flaminglets.

The daily grizzly bear breakfast rush is a great sketching warmup - talk about your high-speed gesture drawing! The rest of their environment, of course, is more accommodating about holding a pose.

They have llamas! When did they get llamas? Nobody told me there were llamas! (Well, technically they're guanacos.) I hope you'll forgive the goofy head at top right.

The majestic snow leopard is perhaps my personal favorite of the big cats.

Over at the Animal Resource Center, we had some face time with a couple of rescued owls.

The rarest of all sightings, a non-sleeping koala.

Saving the best for last, we paid a visit to the eight-day-old baby giraffe, currently known as "Calf 2" or "Buddy."

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