Friday, October 10, 2014

March for Elephants and Rhinos 10/04/2014

Some sketches from the recent march and rally in San Francisco. Simultaneous marching and drawing was a definite challenge! For more info on the event, see:

Gathering the troops at St. Mary's Square. It was interesting to observe the mix of people - note the trio of teenage girls taking selfies!

The march wended its way up Grant Street, pausing in front of a shuttered ivory dealership in Chinatown.

Then through the Stockton Tunnel and down Mason Street. I recommend the tunnel for all your protest marches - it has great acoustics!

Some heroic marching efforts. The Ganesh costume not only looked very hot, but also had no peripheral vision.

The march ended with a rally in the UN Plaza. Here are some of the folks who braved the blistering heat to listen to the featured speakers.

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