Friday, October 10, 2014

San Francisco Zoo 10/01/2014

I'm a bit behind on posting sketchbook drawings. Let's catch up!

First, here are some from this month's free day at the San Francisco Zoo. Once again, I rounded up some fellow artists to join me; this time my posse included Monico Chavez, Frank Lin, and Jeffrey Comstock.

I got there a little early so I could do some location sketching outside.

 Checking in on the flamingo chicks. They're getting bigger, but still grey and fluffy.

Monico and Frank were eager to get to the rhinos, but we had to stop and admire the sleepy capybara.

More sleepy animal action! Here's an eastern black rhino (Boone, I assume).

Everyone was enchanted by the sloth and toucan roomies. I believe the sloth has now been named Moony.

While we waited for the white rhino to make an appearance, this magnificent peacock posed for us.

Aaaaand here's Gauhati! Feeding time was a perfect opportunity to draw him.

A montage of red ruffed lemurs from the Lemur Forest. After a full day of drawing, I think we were starting to tire out at this point...

Monico, Frank, and Jeffrey plonked down in front of the squirrel monkeys and just watched them for a while. Then it was time to wrap up with some giraffe admiration!

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