Friday, October 10, 2014

San Francisco Zoo 10/09/2014

Completing the sketchbook catchup, here's another round of San Francisco Zoo drawings. Come for the Lego sculpture garden... stay for koalas and possums and cockroaches, plus a new flamingo chick!

Just to warm up, here's a panoramic view of the SF Zoo's scenic parking lot.

I was there bright and early for the media preview of the new Nature Connects exhibit, which combines Lego sculptures with plants from the zoo's horticultural department.

Speaking of horticulture, apparently several different kinds of eucalyptus are harvested from the San Francisco area to feed the koalas. Their 10:00 AM breakfast turns out to be a good time to see them awake and in action.

Meanwhile, the fifth flamingo chick just hatched! Here it is peeking out from under the parental wing.

Once I started sketching at the Insect Zoo, I got really into it. Please enjoy this medley of roaches and mystery husks.

Here's a grab bag of partial doodles and quick sketches, featuring langurs, patas monkeys, and Brian Wilson the hippo enjoying his regular hose spraying.

The fabulous Animal Encounter at the ARC is currently scheduled for 2:00 PM daily. Today's featured critters included Lulu the possum, Oboe the ferret, and Snaggletooth the spider tortoise.

And here's Jahari enjoying his afternoon meal. I used my artistic license to omit the bars; don't try feeding your lion like this at home!

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