Wednesday, February 18, 2015

San Francisco Zoo 02/10/2015

Back to the San Francisco Zoo to attend a tiger's birthday party! Plus birds, goats, and llama drama.

A helpful docent told us all there is to know about the fabulous Eurasian eagle owl. "If she ever got loose, there wouldn't be a small dog left anywhere on Sloat Boulevard."

Just a few of the chicken varieties puttering around the Family Farm. Also, onomatopoeia around the world!

The year of the sheep/goat/ram is almost upon us, so it's time to Know Your Goats. Next time I'll try to get them all on one page.

I finally got a color picture of the glorious cassowary! Incidentally, this is one of at least four zoo denizens whose scientific name is the same word twice.

After months of bullying, we were delighted to find that the capybara has finally figured out how to run circles around his guanaco neighbors, with a splash in the face for good measure.

And finally, here's the birthday girl! Jillian's birthday enrichments included a bubble bath and lots of decorations in princess colors.

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