Sunday, February 1, 2015

San Francisco SPCA 01/25/2015

Some drawings from a great field trip with Laurie Wigham and the SF Sketchers meetup group! Our destination was the San Francisco SPCA Adoption Center, where we spent the morning drawing lovely (and adoptable) cats and dogs.

While we were gathering, I noted down some names and faces. Until I've captured you in my sketchbook, folks, you're just ghosts and shadows as far as my feeble brain is concerned!

Cal's play area is right by the SPCA's front door, so he's the first thing you see when you come in. I bet he'll have a home very soon.

The protective cone isn't a flattering look for anyone, but Sassy bears it with good grace.

Working at the SPCA seems like a terrible job. Imagine having to play with the cats and dogs all day long!

A lovely pose by Cherry. Sometimes the universe just wants you to stop and draw, doesn't it?

On to the dogs! I think we all fell in love with soulful Chance.

Shadow is pretty striking, with his elegant long legs.

Once again, this looks like a terrible job. The puppy tugging at the shreds of her gown reminds me of that classic Coppertone ad...

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